Giulio Gargiullo: Online PR and Online Marketing Consultant and Online Marketing Specialist in Russia, Italy and Worldwide

Luxury Online Marketing Manager Giulio Gargiullo working in Russia, Italy and worldwide.

If you’re looking for a professional online PR & marketing consultant helping you develop your business in Russia, in Italy or worldwide, if you’re looking for someone to help you find new customers in Russian Federation, Italy and English speaking countries or emerrging countrires through the internet, I’m just the right person.

I can help give you and your team the right advice for starting a successful web marketing, PR and online communication activity in different countries and markets. I can give you full support for various online and offline activities that require a strong Russian and Italian cultural background and knowledge. In order to have a winning campaign in Russia, in Italy or other English speaking contries you need your communication and strategy to be modeled to Russian or Italian culture and customs.


Luxury and international marketing for quality customers



Online marketing and digital advertising services in Russia

Yandex Direct Expert Giulio Gargiullo
Yandex Direct Expert Giulio Gargiullo certification


Main Services provided:


Search engine optimization for Italian and Internation search engines:

I can optimise you website for Italian search engines, according to the right key phrases that Italians really type every day when looking for something they really need

Keyword advertising: Campaign management on Google Adwords, Yandex Yahoo, Bing and Italian PPCs

Find new clients and study Italian market by starting a pay per click campaign on main Russian search engines, Italian search engines or international ones. This can help you find find numerous leads, find the right keywords that bring you ROI for search engine optimization and let you discover you acquisition cost per client in Russia, in Italy and in many countries abroad.

Media planning strategies on main Russian, Italian international sites, vertical blogs and portals

Plan a banner campaing on many Russian, Italian or international websites which may be perfect for your branding on Russian, Italian or international web. Millions of Russian, Italian or international visitors every day can see you communication on their favourite websites and find your company products or service. I can help you plan the right campaign depending on the audience.

Social media strategies for Russian, Italian market and English speaking ones

Plan a social media strategy and campain on Russian, Italian or english speaking international social media so that people are engaged and get to your brand and love it.

Online reputation management and monitoring

Any problem with your online reputation in Russian, Italian or English language? What do italian say about your brand, product or service? What do they say about you? I can monitor and give you a complete report of your reputation on Russian, Italian or international web. I can help you manage this and solve problems with ease.

Web project management and translation into Russian, English and Italian language

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